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It is very important that our children know how to keep themselves safe online. ‘Thinkuknow’ has designed these lessons to support children.  Please follow the link below to find the activities to complete for your child’s age group.

Thinkuknow Activities

Water Safety Information and Activities



7 Top Tips for Reading at Home

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 13.07.20

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 06.07.20

Maths Activity Sheets w/b 06.07.20

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 29.06.20

Maths Activity Sheets w/b 29.06.20

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 22.06.20

Art Builders Home Learning Project

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 15.06.20

Sundial Activities

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 08.06.20

Topic – Light Travelling

Maths – Lesson 1 – Groups of 10

Maths – Lesson 2 – Count in 10’s

Maths – Lesson 3 – Making equal groups

Maths – Making equal groups (2)

Learning Activities Term 6 w/b 01.06.20

Topic – Sources of light

Learning Activities Term 5 w/b 18.05.20

Learning Activities Term 5 w/b 11.05.20

Learning Activities Term 5 w/b 04.05.20

Learning Activities Term 5 w/b 27.04.20

Learning Activities Term 5 w/b 20.04.2


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Year 1 online learning tasks

This really useful online provider is giving fortnightly learning tasks. https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/support-tools/home-activity-worksheets?utm_source=Thinkuknow&utm_campaign=03cb8440df-TUK_ONLINE_SAFETY_AT_HOME_24_03_20&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0b54505554-03cb8440df-55122817

Year 1 Learning Tasks

23rd March – 1st April 2020

Home Curriculum Year 1 Spring 2 Week 5
Home Curriculum Year 1 Spring 2 Week 6

Year 1 Learning week beginning 16th March

This week the children will be learning to use the comparative symbols < > = and the terms greater than & less than correctly i.e. 3<6, 6>3 6=6

They will be working with numbers 1-50 identifying and comparing numbers that are greater and numbers that are less. They make the numbers using our tens and ones equipment and by drawing the numbers (a stick is a ten and a square/dot is a one) to make 2 different numbers and then compare. They will use the correct symbol < > or = to write down their findings i.e. 12<34, 18+3 < 22+5 They will be doing this with 3 or 4 numbers i.e. 3 < 15 < 33 < 47

They will be counting in 10s and 5s and using their knowledge of 5s to find the numbers when counting in 10s.


Children are writing their own quest story, that is a story in which a character goes on a journey to find something or someone, meets a baddie, overcomes the baddie, overcomes his/her fears and lives happily ever after. They will be creating the main character by drawing the character and deciding on his/her weakness: what is she/he is scared of? Then will give her/him a strength: a special object to protect her/him e.g. invisibility cloak, healing potion, magic wand or shield. They will be thinking about the setting of their story and generating appropriate adjectives for this such as deep, dark, thick, cold, freezing, silent, wild, endless, moonlit, horrible, mighty, shady, black, twisted, haunted. They will be thinking about the baddie who might be a witch, wizard, alien, monster, zombie, ghost, warrior. They will be thinking of suitable adjectives to describe their baddie: Gigantic, wicked, cunning, horrible, old, cackling, huge, ugly, metal, evil, revolting, slimy, hungry. The children will be creating sentences using the words they like. To finish their story they will be thinking of a way to overcome their baddie maybe with a magic potion. Over the week the children will be writing their story a few parts at a time.

The children have also been finding out about castles in Britain and been creating special cards for the weekend.

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