Priory Infant School

Welcome to Our School Council page

What is a School Council?

The school council work together to make our school even better. We consider aspects of our school that we could improve and talk to our classmates about them. When we have collected ideas from our peers we then share them with the rest of the School Council and we make decisions. Finally, we speak to our headteacher about what we have found out and she supports us with making positive changes around the school.

Here are our School Council members:

Year 1


Year 2


Term 3 - News

This term we have welcomed four new members to the School Council. Our new members are from Purple Class and Orange Class.

 Here are our Reception School Council members:

This term all of the School Council have worked hard to make our new members feel welcome. We have discussed what it means to be in the School Council and how we aim to hear every voice at Priory Infant School. We shared our new question of the term:

 What activities can we do at lunchtimes?

 Miss McMahon gave us the challenge of helping the lunchtime staff find out what games, toys and activities the children across the school would like to do at lunchtimes to make it an even more enjoyable experience. The Year One and Two School Council members then showed Reception how we use our special books to record ideas from all of the children who want to share their thoughts on our question.

At the end of the term we shared all of the wonderful ideas the children had gathered and we gave them to Miss McMahon who thanked the School Council for all of their hard work. She told us that she will be considering the best ways she can incorporate these ideas into the lunch hour.

Term 2 - News

This term the School Council have been asked to help Ms Sandy answer the question:

 ‘What clubs would you like to do at Priory?’

The children in the School Council were given this question and spent their playtimes and lunchtimes asking their friends and writing down their ideas. The children were asked to consider if there were any after school clubs or lunchtime clubs that they would like to attend.

At the end of term we collated the responses and made a list of the most popular ideas which we presented to Ms Sandy. Ms Sandy was very impressed with all of the hard work and passed all of these ideas onto Mr Holmes who spoke to our after school club providers who were able to accommodate some of the School Council’s ideas.


School Council Term 2 2022


Term 1 - What have we been up to so far?

In term 1 we had our first School Council meeting. The children were given their special School Council books, a School Council badge and we even made a School Council display outside our hall. The children have been asking their classmates how we can improve our school and they have been recording this in their books. Everyday our School Council members will wear their badges so that all their friends know that they can approach them and share their ideas.