Priory Infant School


Hello! My name is Mrs Rogers and I am the Nurture lead at Priory Infant School. We are delighted to have been awarded Nurturing School status in September 2023, which recognised our commitment to the development of nurture throughout the school and wider community.

Nurture is an initiative which is underpinned by six key principles which all staff and children at Priory Infant School follow:

We all learn in our own way

Nurture helps us to feel good on the inside

Our behaviour is telling you something

Our awesome classroom makes us feel safe

The words we choose are important

Nurture helps us to manage changes

Although this is a whole school approach, there may be a time when the children could benefit from a short-term intervention to better support their time at our school. This could be a 1:1 intervention or a small group intervention. The class teacher will speak to parents about this and what targets the child will be working on. During the assessment day, assessors commented that, “The pupils were full of enthusiasm and joy and represented what nurture looks like through the eyes of a child.”

We have two nurture rooms (Rainbow Room and Sunshine Room) where nurture interventions take place. These rooms are also used for Breakfast club and Tea-time club.

During our time at Priory Infant School, we learn about our emotions, calming strategies, mindfulness and the importance of our wellbeing, all supported by a nurturing team of adults with your child’s mental health and learning as a priority.

The Nurture assessment team commented, “There is a real sense of understanding children developmentally at Priory Infant School, and this is reflected through the physical environment.”

I look forward to working with your children and for more information on how you can link learning from home, please see the following links.

A parent said, “This is a safe and nurturing school where children can learn and grow.”


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